Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Disney and Starbucks BEST of both worlds!

I was so excited to go to Disney and visit Starbucks while there too!  I made sure I had the best thing for Mickey to sign!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Everyone has someone they call a friend. I can say for me as much as the Army makes me move it is always hard to find a friend sometimes. I can say the Army has blessed me with some wonderful friends that I wouldn't have known. I wanted to share some of those friendship with you now!

Friendship can come in ways you never expected. I consider my MOM one of my greatest friends I have. If she isn't happy then neither am I. I want to think all the people there in Wichita that make her happy every day. My Brother and Sister, Church family, Jefferson Elementary family, and of course the one I hear so much about DULCIE from Jefferson Elementary. Dulcie, you make my Mom so happy every day! I appreciate you asking about me and just by doing that you are being a wonderful friend to my MOM! This means you are my friend as well!!!

Dulcie - Remember that no matter what, you can do anything you put your mind to! You are a wonderful person, who needs to realize that no matter what your friends are behind you! If you ever want to write me get with my Mom and she will get you my address. I will keep in touch with you. You can get through anything that you want with friends to help you out. When you think there is noone, remember my MOM and I are there for you! I am sure your teacher would be there for you as well.

Everyone needs a friend! If you are a good friend to someone you make them smile all day long! Remember to be a good friend to everyone around you and your day will be better for it as well! JEFFERSON FALCONS - "YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN ME!!!"

Monday, January 25, 2010


Since before the US entered WWII, the USO (United Service Organization) has been the bridge between the American public and the U.S. Military. In times of peace and war, the USO has consistently delivered its special brant of comfort, morale, and recreational services to the military.

Today, the USO delivers its programs and services to more than 130 locations around the world. Now I have the opportunity of going to the USO Center right here where I am. Some of the things they offer are: free internet, libraries and reading rooms, games, reading program, movie room, xbox, playstation, wii, and of our my favorite their GREAT popcorn!

It is my home away from home, everyone that works there greets you with a smile and makes you feel welcome. Anyone can volunteer there so I have decided to volunteer there as well.
I wanted to share some pictures of people here just enjoying their relaxing days here are the USO Qatar!

I miss you all!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Indefinite Reenlistment!

What does Indefinite mean?
Well for me it means, I am in the Army now for at least 20 years if not more. Any one who is serving in the military 10 years or more has two options. 1) Get out of the Army 2) Indefinite Reenlistment -- I decided upon option #2.
An reenlistment is a MAJOR event in any Army Soldier. At any reenlistment ceremony, you have to be sworn into the Army again. This is that soldier's WORD that he will...."support and defend against all enemies foreign or domestic" (not exact wording). Upon completion of of the OATH you sign a contract and get a certificate saying you have reenlisted again.
Since this was an Indefinate Reenlistment it is even more special this tells EVERYONE that I promise to be in the Army for 20 years or more. I take great pride in this OATH. I thank the Army every day for what it has brought to my life and take PRIDE each and every day that I am a PROUD AMERICAN SOLDIER!!!
Jefferson....take PRIDE in knowing that I am thinking of you always and hope you are doing well!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Relaxing day at a Qatar General's House

Wow what a day for me and several other people who work along side of me. We all had a very enjoyable day at one of the homes of a General here. It was a beautiful home from what we could see. We were outside enjoying his patio, beach, riding jetskis, salt water fishing, eating all the food we ever wanted, smoked hookas, camel rides, and of course my favorite the falcons.
I wanted to share with you a little of what I did. I just relaxed with some of my friends and enjoyed the nice weather here. We couldn't eat all the food that was provided for us. A big delicacy in the Middle East was served to us as well. Are you ready?.... baby camel hump (see picture)! It wasn't bad, but can't say that I would run to the table to have it again. A lot of people wouldn't even try it.

Smoking hookas is what a lot of people did throughout the day. It is a very big thing here but I can't say that I tried it (see pic). Hooka smoking is a Middle Eastern water pipe, commonly used to smoke Shisha, which is a type of flavored tobacco. Filtering it through vase filled with liquid often cools the smoke. I will say the smoke smells A LOT better than cigarettes.

Of course I saved my best for last! the FALCONS!!! The word falconry brings back images of times times long gone, times when people had patience, when they would, over many hours and weeks, calm and train a magestic wild creature. While falconry continues in much of the world, it remains very much a sport. Except in one area - the Middle East. Falconry is alive and will in Qatar! You can even go down to the old shopping part of town and buy/see Falcons every day. Falcons are seen especially during the high hunting season - March. (see pics)

I enjoyed learning about the things and seeing more of the true culture here in Qatar.
I would do it AGAIN!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Time

This is pictures from Jefferson!!!
Christmas here was a good time despite being away from family. I wanted to share with all the Installation Christmas tree. It was beautiful!!! We had a tree lighting party and everyone was singing Christmas Songs. It was kinda funny when we are all in uniform or in t-shirts & jeans. It hasn't been that cold here at all unlike what you there in Wichita! It is 66degrees here at 8pm at night. I am cold, but only need a light jacket.

I tried to decorate my room so I felt like it was Christmas too. I even had several Christmas cards and packages that I received here so I put them under my tree. I was even a good girl and didn't open the packages until Christmas Day.

I hope you all had a good Christmas break...and look for my next post on Monday!!!!!

Love and Miss you !!!!!

SFC Carter

Monday, December 14, 2009

Likes vs. Differences

So do you see anything different about the stuff I have pictured above? What I have pictured is what I see in Qatar every day compared to the United States. The firs picture is they light switches here. You can find some like this in the United States but the odd thing with these are...to burn them on you push the button down and to turn the light on you push the button up. This is exact opposite in most cases than in the United States. This really bugs me sometimes! LOL
The 2nd picture is the plug ins. They are really really large here. None of our stuff with American plugs can plug into these odd shaped plugs. We have to buy a converter that we can plug our stuff into. We have to be careful with what we do plug into these as it is a different whole voltage of electricity here. I can say I made the mistake of plugging my hairdrying into the plug with an adaptor and it smoked, smelled terrible, and won't work anymore. I guess I won't do that again. I have found it is easier for me to just by the things that are made to plug into these huge plugins.
The last pictures is of a Diet Coke Can. Do you see how we have to open our cans here? The whole tab comes off. WOW!! It still is weird to me. I don't think I will get used to that at all. I will get you some pictures of the can in the future. You would see English on one side and Arabic on the other.
Speaking on Arabic here is something that is different about it....other than it looks like a bunch of writting a 1-2 year old would do in the states. They write right to left! Yes you hear me ... you see everything is backwards here!
Then on a final note!!! The difference I LOVE the best here! We have a movie theater on Post here and before every movie they play the National Anthem. YES WE DO!! I LOVE IT!! Everyone in the whole theater stands up, takes off their hats, places their hands on their heart and doesn't say a word. After it is through we all tend to scream..."GOD BLESS THE USA!" I can say I am proud everytime I hear the National Anthem and have to kinda laugh because I don't see this EVER happening in a Theater in the United States. I don't think people would do the right thing when it is played. Much less I see too many people not respect our flag as it is! If you don't remember this is one of my Pet Peeves! The FLAG is flown to REMEMBER! Don't ever forget it! I know I won't!!
I want you all to know I miss each and everyone of you and still am in amazement with all that everyone at home has done for me. Jefferson look for a package from me after the holidays! You have made me proud with all our support, friendship, and letters!
- SFC Doris A. Carter